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Kitchen Tip: Grate Your Butter recipe by Barefeet In The Kitchen

You know those recipes that instruct you to “cut in very cold butter” either with your fingers, a knife, a pastry blender or maybe even the food processor?

For YEARS, I simply avoided them. I realize it isn’t complicated (once you have the hang of it) and cutting in butter isn’t rocket science, but I always wound up with a pile of mushy butter and flour.

Until I discovered that you can GRATE COLD BUTTER! If you haven’t tried it already, you can’t even imagine how EASY this is. Use butter straight from the refrigerator, don’t let it warm on the counter while you set up the grater.

It takes only 15-20 seconds to grate a cold stick of butter. Toss the fluffy grated butter into flour to lightly coat it and then all you need is a fork or your fingers to turn it into perfect crumbs in moments!

I promise it really is that easy. I’m posting a recipe later today that calls for cutting in the butter. Don’t be intimidated, it will only take a moment!

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Mary Younkin

Mary Younkin

Hi, I’m Mary. I’m the author, cook, photographer, and travel lover behind the scenes here at Barefeet In The Kitchen. I'm also the author of three cookbooks dedicated to making cooking from scratch as simple as possible.

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    • Kerry says

      Hi Mary
      I am going to try to make your peach cobbler recipe. I’ll let you know how it turns out. I made some peach cobbler using yellow cake mix ,it was pretty good but yours sounds oh-so good. I can’t wait to eat some with some vanilla ice cream. I know what you mean about the butter being a big pain in the you know what and how messy it can be. I am going to use the grated method and see how easy that is. I’ll be in touch.

  1. Carolyn K Baur says

    I’m with you! Works so well. however, a shoulder problem is making the grating difficult. I grate it frozen and will try your method of refrigerated, however do you think I could use a food mill or other kitchen tool?
    T hank you!

    • Mary says

      Unfortunately, I don’t think the food mill or another tool like that will work, as the butter will soften and likely just stick to the tool.

    • Terri Kiplinger says

      I too have shoulder issues that make grating difficult, and I can’t grate anything without drawing blood anyway. Have you tried a rotary grater for hard cheeses like Parmesan? I’d recommend a good-quality grater with a metal body, preferably, since the males in my life have broken two plastic rotary graters that needed the cheese to be at room temperature, by forcing the grater through well-chilled hard cheese.

  2. Minerva Moser says

    Here’s what none of the websites that suggest you grate your butter address: your hot little hands have melted a good portion of the butter by the time you get through an entire stick -or whatever. I have searched extensively to find a solution to this, but so far no luck. I saw one site that said to be sure to hold onto the wrapper to prevent melting. At least they understand the problem, but that’s not going to have a very positive effect. Butter “wrappers” are nothing more than a piece of parchment; that’s hardly an adequate insulating material.

    • Mary Younkin says

      If you find a solution for that do let me know. I usually grate fairly quickly and will even start with frozen butter and then let my grated butter sit for a few minutes before using it to help with the issue you mention.