Frequently Asked Questions

Just a few FAQs

If you are looking for help with a recipe or have a comment regarding a recipe you have made, please leave your comment directly below that recipe in the comments section. I do my best to reply to all comments as quickly as possible.

I love hearing from you when you have made a recipe or when you have questions. Please note that all comments are moderated for spam and the first time you leave a comment on this website, it will need to be approved before it is published.

If you have made a recipe and are unhappy with the results, feel free to leave a comment with or without a rating and I’ll try to work through it with you, if I am able. I publish all reviews and ratings, favorable or not.

That said, exceptionally rude or derogatory comments will not be posted. Keep in mind that this website is a virtual way of opening my home and kitchen to you. You are welcome to join me here and cook with me.

However, as I don’t choose to allow unkind people to spend time in my home, I make the same choice for this website. If you can not be kind in your comments, they’ll likely remain unpublished.